True Measure of Greatness. . .

I've found myself lying around a lot lately. When my ribs put me into agony every time I decide to move there isn't much option for much else. This lying around has allowed me for some thinking. I've thought about the usual things like how funny a bear would look in an evening gown or which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle has the greatest singing voice. I also started pondering what it meant to be a great person. I thought about the big difference between being known as a great person and being a great person. Truly being a great person does not mean you'll ever be known as great. The thing that really hit me was, being a good friend might mean you won't be seen as a good friend. Have I made your head spin? The simple truth is, doing the right thing isn't usually the popular decision. Doing the right thing for the person you love may not make them love you more. Doing the right thing might actually make people you care about start to hate you. To me, that is a really scary thought. I care about what other people think about me. At the same time, I want to be a really great person. I want to do the right thing. I want to do what is best for the people I care about. Am I willing to upset those people in order to help them? Am I willing to confront a friend when that friend needs confronting? Am I willing to make the unpopular but right choice. I hope so. Even if it means I'll never be known as a great person.


  1. You might not be known as great right away in someone's life. Give them time. They learn.


  2. The thing is, if you ARE a good person/friend and you do the right thing, it doesn't matter if they love you more or less.

    YOU do the right thing and let them deal with their own misguided sense of right and wrong.


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