Got to love technology. . .

For whatever reason, none of my outgoing e-mails have been able to make it to the intended receiver. I have absolutely no clue what the problem possibly could be. All I know, is my e-mails aren't getting out there. My hotmail account is claiming that they are being sent but the people I sent them to are saying otherwise. It's a little frustrating not being able to reach anybody. I'm posting this in hopes that some of those people frequent this site. If you haven't gotten e-mail from me than you know why. Hotmail has decided that you don't get my e-mails. Hopefully, that little technological temper tantrum will be fixed very quickly. For those of you who are used to my delightful e-mails, I apologize for this withdrawal you must suffer.


  1. hi again. I haven't gotten any e-mails from you--Dave hasn't either. Did you send any to us? IF ya did, you can just frequent MY BLOG ( and tell me there. I MISS YOU SPICER!!!!!!
    ~leigh e.~


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