They are three simple letters. A decade ago, together they would mean absolutely nothing except a misspelling for the word 'lull'. Now in the age of the internet, LOL has a very real meaning. I'm sure most people reading this have either been on internet chats like MSN Messenger or have been on e-mail. At some point, I'm sure you've read the letters LOL. Usually after reading them they've put a rather nice smile on your face. As far as you know, you just made somebody happy. We all like making someone happy. Everyone likes to throw out a witty remark or a sly joke that leaves people howlering in laughter. LOL is supposed to be the internet form of leaving people in stitches. Afterall, LOL means laughing out loud. I'd assume that the person who typed such letters than should be laughing out loud.

You know what, I don't think that's often the case. I think that the person who typed the words LOL is often not laughing out loud. Rather, I'd guess that they cracked a smile, gave a small snicker or rolled their eyes. None of those things are something I'd call laughing out loud. Sometimes, I think LOL is the internet form of filling dead space. LOL could also be the internet way of giving the fake laugh. You know you are supposed to say something but you're not sure what is, so you throw in a good LOL. You don't want to hurt the person's feelings so you throw out those three little letters.

The thing about the internet is it is very easy to hide who you are and how you feel. For some people, the internet is such a great tool because you can so easily hide. People don't need to know how you actually are feeling. It's much easier to hide behind a persona. You don't have to be real on the internet. I think that often those three letters are very unreal. It's not describing exactly how that person really feels. It's just an attempt to make sure you keep that other person happy.

For most people that is okay. Like I said, the internet is a place where you can easily hide who are. You can have hour conversations with people without ever having to worry about someone really knowing who are. The internet isn't the real word. You won't be easily discovered. Nobody really has to know a thing about you. Except that maybe you really like to use the letters L O L.


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