Wedding Flusters. . .

If my soon to be married friend has taught me anything in the last few days, it is that I'm all for having an informal wedding when that time comes. Skip the tuxes. Skip the fancy decorations. Skip the weeks worth of stress. I'm all for khaki pants and plaid shirts. I definitely think a backyard BBQ for reception sounds awfully appealing. Weddings are expensive and they only last for a day than it's over. I'd say the important thing is the life you are going to be living with that special person you love. No matter how extravagant your wedding ends up, it isn't going to have any affect on your future with your mate. Maybe I'm just saying this because I'm bitter I leaving an over $400 hole in my pocket after two weddings all finshed this year.

In an attempt to save myself from being seen as a horrible friend, I'm awfully proud of my buddies. I'm so happy for both of them. I can't wait to be standing by both their sides when their big days come. One of those days just happens to be this Saturday. I'm just saying that for my day, I might opt for khakis and a BBQ.


  1. Well, The point IS that it's only one day. Because it only happens once you want to make it AMAZING. most girls dream most their lifes about their wedding, It is worth making it special. Sorry but talking about crappy weddings to the girl that used to marry everything she had and couple up all her toys so they wouldn't be lonely. Weddings are what its all about.. well till next time. KARATE CHOP

  2. AMEN! Dave and I are doing a pretty simple wedding. NO tuxes (although my dress isn't going to be simple, hey, it's the only day in my life I can dress as a princess, so i'm gonna). We're having a simple reception, although there WILL be dancing, and the weddings in a local park! By the way, it's April 8th. You'll get the invites in Feb. sometime, but we'd love you to be there. Anyways, I agree about the simple wedding, but simple doesn't mean it can't be special.


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