WWE Raw 9/20/04

It's Monday night and for wrestling fans that means some WWE Raw. I remember back in the day, my old apartment would get packed with about 10 rowdies for an evening of men rolling around in their underwear. We also watched some wrestling on television too. Monday was the big night of fun. I usually found myself looking forward to the night all week. It was a great time of hanging out with the guys and unwinding for a few hours of silly mayhem. I don't live in that apartment anymore. I haven't had cable for about 2 years. My wrestling parties have been non existent. Now that I'm temporarily back at my parent's house, I do have me some cable again. Which means tonight, I got me some wrestling action, though tonight I had to enjoy the action in solo form.

I'm not sure if it was the lack of company but the night of wrestling was getting to be a little dull. A few times I found myself flipping on over to Much Music but they had a reality tv show on which as a rule I refuse to watch. The thing about wrestling shows are that no matter how dull the show may be approaching, all that matters is how the show ends. I'm not sure if it is the lack of attention span I have but as long as the show ends on an exciting note than it tends to leave me happy.

Maybe Raw wasn't knocking my socks off but then again, I wasn't even wearing socks. The night ended with a big six man tag between the evil Evolution against the spunky trio of Shelton Benjamin, Chris Beniot (you know he's cool because he's Canadian) and Randy Orton. The match was classic wrestling at it's best. The young hero in Orton got injured early in the match which meant Beniot and Benjamin where down 2 against 3. Beniot and Benjiman put up a good fight despite being against the odds. Just when all hope was lost, Orton returned to the ring and scored the big pinfall for the good guy win. I'll admit it's pretty formulic but it was still fun to watch. Even though it's completely fake, I still found myself cheering on the good guys to victory. I had a big smile on my face remembering why I was a fan. Realizing all 6 of these guys definitely deserve the spot of being in the main event.


  1. hey chris! its adam king.. cool to see you're bloggin' it up.. i've got one too! http://www.purenard.net/optimus/ ..i saw you at central on sunday but didnt get a chance to say hello before you skeedattled, or so it seemed.

  2. HI ya Christopher. Sounds lonely watchin wrestlin all by yourself, but i understand. It's not the same watchin Survivor w/o Gerry and Candice too. Oh well, camp life has to end somewhere huh? Chat w/ me on my blog k? www.pinkplasticguitar.blogspot.com
    luv yas always--leigh e.


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