Hmmm. . . this place seems familiar

The end of August I packed up my bags and headed out of Medeba. I found myself back in my hometown of Brantford, living in the basement of my parents. It was nice being back in Brantford. It was really nice having free food and no rent. As life would have it, Brantford doesn't feel so much like my home anymore but rather a place I like to visit from time to time. A month later, which for you keen folks you've figured out was the end of September, I found myself with my bags packed heading back to Medeba.

Surprise, I'm back at Medeba. Maybe I'll end up being a lifer afterall. Truth is, I've known since the middle of August that it would be very likely I'd be here again. I love it here. This place does feel like home.

Unfortunately, my new job at Medeba doesn't quite feel like home. It more feels like I'm stuck in a wild tornado that's destined to send me to Oz. At this point, I'm not sure if I'm Dorothy or Toto. I don't really look that great in a dress and I am a hairy young man. I'll leave up for the reader to decide my fate. I'm feeling a litte lost in my new job but I'm also really excited about it. It's something new and I'm geared up for a challenge.

This where you are asking yourself, so what's the job??? I can't blame you for asking because I haven't told many folks about it. Actually, I know almost all of you didn't know I was destined to head back up here in lovely ol' West Guilford. That's mainly because it was a big secret and typically secrets aren't things I should be posting on Blogs. I hope the surprise was worth the wait. I apologize for not providing any cake or noise makers.

Oh yeah, the job I now have. My official title is Guest Group Coordinator. When I know what that all means myself than I'll be happy to tell you all. It invovles a lot of talking to people which basically means it's a job meant for me. I like my talking and I usuallu prefer to do it with people. The camp cat, Mouser, isn't a shabby listener herself. She also isn't going to give me a group of 80 to book for a weekend. Hey, if any of you have a group looking for a retreat, I am now your man. Unless one of your requested activities is 'chase the Guest Group Coordinator around with pointy stick and poke him until Skittles come out.' I'm still recovering from the last weekend and have decided it's not an activity I would rather run. Speaking of running, how about those cheetahs? Fast little critters. Not that I have ever raced one.

On a totally different note (yes it's true no Cheetah will be mentioned in this paragraph -- except for that one I did mention -- oops)I had me a root canal and leg surgery. Thankfully not at the same time. Not quite sure if I could have handled to wait for such an operation. I was inspired to run away a few times when the countdown was happening for the root canal. Both ended up going really well and I was just a big wuss for being afraid of them. I now have some cool stitches in my leg. I hear girls dig the stitches. I better make use of stitches now since they come out in a week. I'm fine with that because these suckers are itchy.

Maybe I should have stuck with the cheetahs????


  1. I'm so glad that you're back at medeba and you're happy with the job!!! Yes, I wish i woulda know asap, but hey, that I know at all i'm honoured. E-mail and tell me all the details once you get a break in your busy schedule. Where are you staying on camp? Are you and Scott bunking together again? How do you like the new LDP's and so on. Luv ya Spicey Pants!


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