I think, it's time to admit that I'm not a teenager anymore. I watched the film 'The Punisher' with a crowd that was a few years younger than I and within that crowd was some teenage males. The proclamations of awesome and amazing were spewed out after this film. I instead was ready to spew something else out. 'The Punisher' seemed to have the goal of being able to desensitize the viewer to the world of violence as much as possible. Or maybe the problem is that the viewer already is pretty accustomed to oodles of unneeded violence in their entertainment diet. Thus the movie feels it needs to up the ante to still leave an impact. The movie had heaps of killing but in all that gory glory, they seemed to have forgot sometimes it's nice to have a story in there too. Maybe the story starts happening after the closing credit because I'll admit I turned it off before then. I'm pretty sure they wanted there to be some overall message. All I got was that the bad people need to have really gory deaths.

It's not a movie that really sat well with me. I'll admit there was a few fight scenes that the male side of me took over and wanted to do the obligatory fist pumping. I'm a guy and fighting is fun to watch. Watching families get killed doesn't thrill me. Torturous type death scenes don't get me too giddy either. I rather feel disturbed. Sometimes disturbed is okay. I've watched many films with gore and carnage. Usually there is an overal message and story. That despite being grim, I still feel I can learn or get something out of it. This was just an action movie that decided instead of action we will substitute carnage.

But man, there was one wild fight scene. Too bad I don't see myself wanting to take another viewing at 'The Punisher'. You can always play that fun game, try to find the thin plot in order to justify the choas!