27 Years Young. . .

November 13th has just passed and as is tradition with that date I just got a little older. I have to admit I can't believe I'm in the late 20's now. I think I'm supposed to be all mature and settled now. I know people this age have homes, children, careers and slippers. I do have a credit card even if it claims the owner's name is Christophe. I really need to find that guy and give him his card back. He'd have better use for it anyway. Not a lot of need for spending in the bubble that is Medeba.

I'm sure a good birthday rant is supposed to be all philosphy and reflective. Instead, I'l just remark on how cool it was to have cake and ice cream again on my birthday. Escpecially the ice cream since I've been on a drought of that recently. Here's to year 27, I'm excited to see what it will provide.


  1. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Happy Day of Birth Christoph, A Kawartha Dairy ice cream cone has your name on it next time i'm in town....whenever that may be....i believe in reliving the moment:o)


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