Boo On Technology. . .

You ever have one of those times where you have really good intentions that you're actually about to fulfill until nasty old fate steps in to squash it? A few days ago, I decided that for the next few days I would check my e-mail every single day. You may not think that is a tremendous feat but for a guy who can get distracted to the point that he forgets that he is hungry I'd say it isn't a bad goal. I have a slight distraction problem. It results in me very often getting side tracked from daily tasks like checking up on the ol' inbox. Besides this minor flaw, I have been able to be quite studious in the daily checking of e-mail for the last few days. Today, fate just wasn't on my side. For whatever reason, Hotmail has decided that I should not check my e-mail today. Despite spending the last 40 minutes trying to gain access to my inbox, I have not been able to enjoy the pleasure of seeing awaiting mail.

If you are someone who has typed me an e-mail over the last 24 hours than please note your letter is safely locked away in my inbox. Nobody will harm an electronic hair on it's little e-head. Not even me.



  1. Anonymous8:39 am

    oh goody, gives me a chance to get caught up!

  2. I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY! I'M SO UPSET! YOU NEVER SAY ANYTHING WHEN IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY, I'M VERY UPSET! I'm going to send you something...hmmmm....i would send ice cream, but I think it would melt, I must think on it. Do you go in LDP trips??? If so I might be able to think of something. I'm excited, i must think. Well, I love your blogs, they always make me laugh. I love you! Yes friend, I do, I love you, you are wonderful. Hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday, if I were there, I would have given you a very big hug....and of course ice cream. so sorry ~leigh e~


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