E-Scam. . .

The General Director of Medeba (who I like to call Bruce, much less words) showed me an e-mail he got today. It was an e-mail from E-Bay that was informing him that they need his updated debit and credit card numbers in order to keep up his E-Bay account. I'd say that already sounds like a pretty fishy request. To add to the fishy situation, Bruce doesn't even have an E-Bay account. Yikes!

If you haven't caught on, the point of the story is the e-mail was a complete scam. The e-mail had links to Ebay and even had a pretty Ebay logo. Yet, it wasn't from Ebay. Rather some jerk over in Europe who would like nothing more than to spend some poor saps money. Maybe use it to buy a Christmas gift off of Ebay???

It's just another sign to not give out your Credit Card number very easily. Even when you may think it is to a trusted source. The internet can be a very scary beast. It's disturbing how easy it is to be suckered out of your money. I almost miss the days when I guy would just bump you upside the head and steal your wallet. At least than, you have a cool bump to impress the ladies.