Not The Best Thing To Tell A Potential Guest. . .

I'm on the phone today with a Youth Pastor about a potential booking of a retreat here in the winter. Things are going really well. I've got all the important information and he is ready to make everything official. He want to have a retreat hosted at Medeba and Medeba wants to host the retreat for him (as long as he is ready to pay the $99 per person for the experience). The Youth Pastor is excited about the retreat happening and the phone conversation is going really well. So, how do I decide to end this very important conversation (because at Medeba all our potential guests are so valued)? Simple, "I'm sorry I need to go because the camp is burning down!" Probably didn't get him too excited about coming here anymore.

Luckily, the camp didn't burn down. But we did get a nice visit by the local volunteer firemen. You see, the annual wood burning in the pit got a little carried away. The burning decided it would like to do some of it's thing outside of the said pit. Luckily, the super men that are the Medeba Maintenence crew was all over it like stink is on a dirty monkey. The wild fire was able to be contained back within the pit.

In other news, things got burnt in the pit a lot faster this year.

Oh, as for my potential guest, I was able to call him back and let him know he still has a camp to come to this winter. He was relieved.