Pain of Disappointment. . .

I'm a people person. Moreso, I am a people pleaser. My day is a whole lot cheerier when I know I've left a smile on the face of those I was with. I like it when people are happy. Generally, I feel good when I know when those around me are well. It's who I am and who I will probably always be.

My job usually works with that personality. My main goal as Guest Group Coordinator is to serve the group and make sure they have a lovely stay. When I'm booking groups, I tend to be able to make them rather happy when I have spot for them to take. Most of time, it's a pretty nice fit with my motto. Unfortunately, I somtimes need to be the bad guy. I need to look at the business side of things over the people side of things. As I'm sure you can guess, this part of the job doesn't want to make me do back flips.

Today, I got the displeasure of having such a situation. Unfortunately, this weekend we have a group that is set to bring in a much smaller amount of people than they had intended to bring. I have a contract that states they promise to pay for a certian amount of people. An amount of people that is very unlikely to be able to come considering it is two days before their arrival. The most vile part of this whole deal is that this group's booking caused another possible group to not come this weekend. Not only do I have a pitifully small amount of people coming but I also lost out on having another possible group in here at the same time. Instead, Medeba is stuck with the inenvitable possibility of losing money. Or I get the grand joy of telling a group they need to pay an amount of money which is far more than the amount of people they have coming. Not a fun scenerio. An opportunity to definitely disappiont a few people.

Maybe I can grow to love to disappoint people??? I mean, I once really disliked squash. Now, I think squash is a very important food staple to your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Then again, I also used to hate liver and I'll still pass on that. No thanks.