A Christmas Tradition. . .

I thought, I would do everybody a service today. Consider this a Public Service Announcement. There are many holiday movies out there. Many of them are considered holiday must sees. I know many people that have that Christmas movie that they need to watch every single year. To them it is the family classic. I respect that. I do feel that there is one movie that is the must-see Christmas movie. The holiday movie that needs to be watched every single year. The movie that without seeing it, Christmas just won't be the same. I, of course, am speaking of none other than the Christmas Story. The true holiday, family movie classic.

Is there any other Christmas movie that can claim the line, 'You'll shoot your eye out!' Or any family film that has a Lady Leg Lamp? Truly, this is the king of all Christmas films. Be sure to do yourself this service and watch the Christmas Story this season. The true family Christmas movie.

And if you hate it, remember it wasn't me who recommended it. It was Jim.


  1. Anonymous10:39 pm

    another must see is "The Muppets Christmas Carol".

  2. i actually despise that movie because it's so annoying, but you're a guy, and almost every guy I know likes that annoying christmas movie...so good for you. I'll take It's a Wonderful Life and White Christmas over it any day...lol


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