Home for the Holidays. . .

A youth group postponed their planned banquet at Medeba this Saturday. This of course means, Medeba loses some potential revnue during a period that we sorely need it. This of course means, I should be saddened by the cancellation. I'm not.

It's selfish but I'm rather happy to not have the group in. Not because my ultimate goal is to see the end of all potential revenue at Medeba. Definitely not because I have a fear of large groups and never want to host another one. Both of those things, are not true at all. I would love Medeba to get some much needed revenue. I'll take large groups over 40 hours chained to the desk of horror anyday. Actually, I love working with groups. Any other week, I'd have been sad to see the cancellation. Not this time. This time, it means I get to return to my hometown a little bit earlier for Christmas.

I love Christmas. I love spending time with my family during the holidays. It means so much more when you are separated from them for most of the year. I have no car and live about 4 hours away. I tend to see them about 4 times a year. I know, I just had the September of living with them but the Medeba bubble has allowed me to forget that long period of time.

I love Medeba. But it is a bubble. I can only happilly stay in the bubble for so long. I'm giddy with anticipation with the prospect of going to my parent's house this Friday. It will be a blessed homecoming. Maybe we will play Clue? Maybe I'll bug the cat until he scratches me to shreds? Or maybe I'll start missing the Medeba bubble after being there for 10 minutes?

Ah, Brantford - here I come.