A Movie That Made Me Tear. . .

I'm a big tough guy, right? Right??? Okay, maybe tough isn't how you would describe me. Maybe I'd even admit that I may border on being a rather sensetive guy. Despite that, guys still don't cry. Right? Hello? Alright, guys don't admit that they cry. Better?

I had a discussion with some ladies where they mentioned certian movies that bring them to tears. I was pretty positive that I hadn't seen a single one of those movies that they had mentioned. Or at least, I wasn't willing to admit to seeing it. I couldn't claim that no movie has brought me to tears. Truth is, their are thoses rare films that cause a single tear to stroll down my cheek.

I was probably 10 years old when I first saw it. I don't know how many times I've seen it since. I'm pretty sure I would have still been in high school the last time I watched this movie. Every time I've seen this movie, I've been pretty close to shedding a tear. The very least, I was a little choked up after. The movie? Lucas.

Stop laughing. I'm being serious. Actually, you may not be laughing, you may be wondering what movie I'm talking about. I can understand that. It isn't like the film was an universal blockbuster. But I'm sure I rented it more than twice when I was younger -- so the film made at least 4 bucks. The film is about a boy named Lucas but I'm sure you figured that out. Lucas is a scrawny kid and would be considered a really big loser. He lives in a trailer park and isn't very atheletic. This is a 80's teen movie, so of course all the cool kids are football players. The football players pick on poor Lucas. That is basically the life of Lucas. Except a really cute girl moves into town. Lucas is the first person to befriend her. Naturally, they become friends. Obviously, poor Lucas decides that he likes this girl very much. Of course, she is oblivious to this and only thinks they are friends. Instead, she has a big crush on one of the football players -- one of the ones that happens to be nicer to Lucas.

It isn't Shakespeare. It also is the opposite of unpredictable. If you've seen any teen 80s film then you know that the scrawny, unatheletic Lucas joins the football team in order to impress the girl of his dreams. Hilarity ensues as pipsqueak Luke tries to play a game that he knows nothing about. I actually don't remember how he got on the team. He ends up spending time warming the bench most games anyway.

Then the big day happens. Somehow, Lucas is brought on the field to do a play. I really forget why but it's an 80s teen movie so the reason was probably flimsy to begin with. No matter how he got there, he was there on the field. This was the big moment of the movie. As I'm sure you've already called, the quaterback for whatever reason has no choice but to throw the ball to Lucas. I don't remember why he threw the ball to a stickman that never played a game before. Especially since I think it may have been a championship game and they probably were down by 6 points. I'm not sure if that was the case but it's an 80s teen movie so I'm sure I'm close. He catches the ball. He made a run for the end zone. Or maybe he didn't run for the end zone. I do know that he catches the ball. I also know that he gets creamed. SPLAT! Big boy crushed shrimp. End of Lucas. He gets stretchered out. You got to feel bad for the guy especially since the girl of his dreams still likes Joe Football even if Lucas just put his life on the line to impress her.

Lucas survives the squashfest and comes to school. Probably ready for a day of wedgies and spitballs. He enters the school and everyone is staring at him. He goes to his locker probably convinced some prank is awaiting him. Then, the moment happens. The time that I get a tear in my eye. I start to cry like a baby. Lucas opens up his locker to see the High School Football Team jacket inside. He checks his locker to make sure this is the right locker. Suddenly, the guy who stole his girl starts to clap. Everybody starts clapping even the meanies who made sure he got a wedgie a day. They all clapped for him. They finally accepted him. He was one of them. Even if he was still a scrawny, shrimpy, wierd dork. They loved him anyway.

It's a typical 80s teen movie. Dumb jokes. Silly script. Completely predictable. For whatever reason, it gets me right in the gut. Makes me turn on my eye faucets. I blubber away like a 180 pound baby. It's pathetic. It's true. The room must be full of onions when I''m in there. Or maybe the place wasn't dusted?


  1. Anonymous12:15 am

    another tear jerker, so both sexes 'the patriot'....when his little daughter who hasnt spoken to him finally runs after him with tears in her eyes yelling "i'll say anything daddy, just dont leave"....[sigh]. who couldnt cry at that??

  2. never saw lucas but whoever said that part in the "patriot" is teary is TOTALLY on, I sobbed when that happened, great movie by the way, and Heith Ledger is in it to boot...OOOOH HOTTIE! lol...think so Chris?


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