Alias Mystery Solved. . .

You may remember that I asked a question about Alias a few weeks back. I had wondered why Sidney felt so much anger towards her father when he ordered the hit on her mother? For the episodes I watched, it appeared that her mother was the complete enemy and Sidney lacked any connection to her mother. Unfortunately, my amazing readers didn't solve that question for me. So, I had to turn to the resident Alias expert, Medeba Receptionist, Glenda. Glenda is the back bone of Medeba and if you have a question then she is your lady. I automatically assumed she would have my answer and I just happend to be right. May be the first time I've been right since March 15, 1982 -- mark this day on your calendars.

Here is the scoop, mommy was the bad guy during the time I was watching. Eventually, mum got caught by the agency. During this time, mum started to provide clues and hints on to how to solve some cases. She started to be an asset for the agency and a real help to Sidney. During this time, Sidney and her mother started to spend time with each other and they finally got their daughter/mother time. They finally bonded.

It makes sense that Sidney became a ball of tears when she found out her father hired someone to kill her mom. It probably only got worse when she found out her father only did it because her mother hired an assasin to kill Sidney. This is one Thanksgiving dinner I wouldn't want to be a part of.

I'd be pretty shaken up if my mother was a former Soviet spy who turned to good and finally started to bond and get to know me. Only to find out she hired an assasin to kill me but then my father got her killed. I'm sort of glad my mom is a Pre-K teacher instead.