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I know all the rave is to do a retrospective of the year that was. Almost everybody likes to do a Year End Best of. All the television shows, websites, magazine and media like to compose a list of what was the very best of the year. I never like being left out of things so I wanted to do a big Best of 2004, too. Typically, 'Best Of' are about films, shows, music, moments, celebrities, events and other things that a person in a media bubble tends to completely miss. I can't really compose a very accurate Best Of. I haven't seen very many movies. I really don't get a good radio station. I have no clue what is hip right now. I couldn't even tell you who won most of the major sporting events this year and I really enjoy sports. I'm out of the loop. Instead, I've decided to come up with my own Best Of Awards so that I can fit in. Here is my look at what was the very best of the year 2004.

Best Television Show That Has Been On For A Very Long Time but I Only Started Watching When Someone Up Here Bought The Box Set: The Office
Runners Up: Alias, Smallville
Comments: The Office is this absolutely hilarious British sitcom. If you have never heard of it than I highly recommend you try to snag yourself one of the box sets. It has 2 Seasons and a Holiday Special, which means there is 3 box sets out there. It's one of those type of shows where you can rewatch it and still find it very entertaining. It's very funny but at the same time, it still has a very engaging plot. There are times, I felt my emotions tugged on. I also have to admit that I was into the love story of Tim & Dawn (yeah, I'm a sap). Alais and Smallville are two shows that have been around for a few years but after I stopped having cable. I've enjoyed catching up on both the shows and was actually tempted to buy their box sets over the Christmas season. My stingier side won out.

Best Song I Don't Know The Name Of: The song about having a boyfriend like a girlfriend - I think, the killer's sing it.
Runners Up: I've got nothing
Comments: I think the song is by a band called the Killers. I actually think the title may be 'Somebody Told Me'. Whatever it is, I find it ultra catchy and would love to hear more of this band's stuff. The fact I have no runner up shows how little I've been imformed of the latest hit music. I've resorted to more playing the classic CDs from my player. Like I said - no cable and radio is some kind of awful up here.

Best Thing To Do Off Camp Property: Head to Brantford to see the family I love and the great friends that I miss.
Runners Up: Time the McKeck Waitresses, Eat Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream
Comments: I went to Brantford a total of 3 times this year. Probably the least I've ever gone to see my family. That is the price you pay when you don't own a car and you live 4 hours away. Every visit home has been something I have cherished so deepily. I love my family so much. To my long time friends, you guys are the reason I am the person I am today. Hopefully, that is a compliment but you may think I'm a really cruddy person. I doubt it because you guys rock the casbah!!! McKeck's is this resturaunt in Hali that has the worse service in the world yet I continue to go there with people up here. It's the company that makes it fun even if you have 2 hours before they take your order. As for Kawartha, best ice cream in all the land. You people need to come up here and try it.

Best Sign I'm Not A Youngster Anymore: I got offered a career position at Medeba
Runners Up: I invest in RRSPc, I get Life Insurance
Comments: This is all scary. No more comments on this.

Best Blog Reply: Anonymous said...
Good points there brother. Although I would have to pose the question. What is the point of a "relationship?" Is it a status thing? A security issue? Or is it to find out if that 'nice guy' (or girl) is the right person for you to spend the rest of you life with? I think sometimes we are shooting ourselves in the foot on this whole issue of broken hearts, and heart breakers. Just a thought. Re: The Truth About Nice Guys - May 21, 2004
Runners Up: Replies to Miracle of Miracles An Update - Sept. 10, 2004, Reply to Till Death Do Us Part or When We Get Bored - Nov 22, 2004
Comments: The reply to the 'Truth About Nice Guys' was proof that my readers are very smart cookies. I thought the reply was more insightful than my orignal blog. It almost inspired me to write an entire new post on the points this person brought up. Than I ended up injuring myself and getting distracted from blogging for an extended while. I never gave the reply proper kudos but I will now because it was very observant. The 'Miracle' replies are here for completely selfish reasons. It meant a lot to see people reply to that post because it was the first time I had posted in close to 3 months. It was great to know that people where still loyally checking the blog even when I was off doing something else. My readers are the bestest (yes, it's not a word but you guys deserve it). As for the Till Death Do Us Part reply, it was another really great response that I could have done a totally new blog with. I didn't. I apologize.

Best Reason To Not Go To The Movie Theatre: Predator v. Aliens
Runners Up: Stepford Wives
Comments: I didn't go to the movie theatre often but I occasionally was able to escape the bubble of West Guilford to see some films. A few that I saw were really great movies that I hope to one day own on DVD. Passion of the Christ was a truly stunning film and will forever have an impact on me as a Christian. I thought Troy & Spiderman 2 were really fun movies. But unfortunately, I was subject to some real stinkers. The ultimate letdown was the Predator v. Aliens. It has one of the most non-sensical plots known to mankind. I really hate this new fad of where the camera man seems to be on too much sugar and jumps all over the place while filming. Stepford Wives had more of a plot then PVA but it wasn't much better. I definitely felt stupider after watching both films.

Best Way To Waste Time: Blogging
Runners Up: Watch Star Wars Trilogy, Play EWR
Comments: Finding out about blogging was truly a thing of magic. I enjoy to write and I like to be the centre of attention. Blogging is such a natural fit. I can write about whatever I want and then I can get lots of people to read about it. I don't actually know how many people regurally read this. I'm never opposed to you all making sure the word spreads. My goal of 2005 is to start posting some old poems and short stories -- though that may be transported to a new blog. I'm a geek and my love for Star Wars proves that. Many thanks for Cameron Bryant moving to England so that I can look after his Star Wars DVD Box Set for a very long time! You may not know what EWR is and its probably better that you don't. Let's just say that playing it doesn't make me the coolest kid in the universe.

Best Personal Moment Of 2004: Being the Best Man for 2 Best Friends
Runner - Up: Being hired full time to Medeba, Having a crush
Comments: It was such an honour to be able to stand beside two of my closest friends. It was such an honour that they had asked me. I'm so glad I played a part in one of the most important days of their lives. Tim & Carolyn/Dan & Jen congratulations once again. Thank you to Tim & Dan for being such amazing friends. I've been going to Medeba for 8 years now. For a few years, I've imagined what it would be like to work here full time. I love this place. For a long time, it has been my home away from home. Now it is my home. I was able to accomplish one of my life goals to be able to work here on a year round basis. After some people end long term relationships, they find themselves on the rebound. I didn't. I had no feelings for anyone for close to a year (except for maybe my ex). Well, mid year I found that I can still like other girls. I felt like a high school student all over again as I had a crush on some 'unattainable' girl. It felt pretty good.

So, there goes my attempt at a Year End Best Of Awards. Now, I'll throw out some honourable mentions.

Great Moments that Shaped 2004:

Doing Medeba's Leadership Development Program
Being Able To Program Direct For Summer Camp a 3rd straight year
Having My Awesome Brother Lucas come up for 2 weeks at camp
The rare times I get to see my American friends (i.e: Dan Lapp, Molly, Katy)
Accomplishing Skills in LDP I never thought I could do - ice climbing, whitewater kayaking
Seeing A Caribou!!!
Being moved by Passion of the Christ -- amazingly powerful film
Writing A Really Long Self Centred Best Of blog and getting people to actually read the whole silly thing!!!

Have a amazing 2005, all!!!


  1. Anonymous8:28 pm

    one of those silly people who actually read that whole blog -- i have no life!! good work though...i especially like the part about 'best blog reply'. whoever wrote that must be a genius.

  2. wow...that was long...and my name wasn't in it, sad. Oh well. I shall go look for Martin now w/ the goat at the bottom of the well...or so Mally Mcnally said, and I always believe her, so she must be right.


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