Bring Your Own Skates. . .

Medeba is an ice rink. We just need some better nets and we are ready to start up our own Hockey Team. Maybe it can be a new way to get revenue? Challenge other camps to a camp wide game of ice hockey and the winner walks away with all the money. Of course, it's gambling and the Board might not like such plans. It's better than breaking all the guests' necks. I'm sure we are on our way to some serious hurting on the property. It's super slick and slippery. The rain (YES, RAIN!!! sorry about the yelling) has only made things that much slippy slidey. It does add to the excitment of 'Which Staff Member Will Take The Most Falls.' I think, the score is tied at 3 between me and Mandy. We both took some nice ones down some stairs which always earns extra points with the judges. I would really rather the ice stay on the Ice Climbing Wall and stop trying to bruise me up. I will keep you all posted on the running tally of Spicer Super Falls.


  1. wow, if you had my boots from last year you could just slide around camp w/o falling at all, and it's SO much fun! Well, when you're not carrying wood to the dinning hall, and you drop all of it everywhere, that's not fun.

  2. Anonymous9:52 am

    hey Chris one word for you buddy CRAMPONS oh yeah use your privelage as a staff member and just grab a pair from the ice hut.
    Hope your not hurting too bad,


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