Cabin Fever. . .

Maybe it's the time of the year. Maybe it's the fact I live exactly where I work. Maybe it's because I've never been somebody that's been a huge fan of schedules or routine. Maybe it's a bad case of looking over my neighbours fence and checking his lawn then proclaiming, 'Hey, his grass is so much greener!!!' I don't know the answer. Then again, you don't even know the question. The situation is, for the last while I've been thinking a lot about other roads to travel on this journey called life. I've given a lot of thought on teaching and Pastoring. Two very different jobs but are both very people focused. Both will require me to head back to that horrid prison known as University. I've always known that it would be nice to finally snag that lingering degree. I'll admit I have a case of the cabin fever. Somedays, I really think about moving on even if I've been here for a short while.

Odd, this is probably one of the very few blogs where I've talked personally about myself. I doubt this will be a regular thing. If you have been reading this blog for this long then I thought you wouldn't mind some insight into what has been on my mind lately. Then again, if you've been reading me this long then you also know my thoughts change on a daily basis. Which probably means I'll still be working here by the time cows master the multiplication tables. Those sneaky cows. Never trusted them.


  1. Hey Spicer

    I enjoy reading about how you truely feel, it seems odd how I always seem to write the same stuff over and over again, it's cool that you have something new to write every time, it's not that life doesn't change for me, it's just that I'm always worried about the same things, anyway longs story short, I enjoy reading your blog, especially those few seriouse ones that you pop in there on the occation. Well I'm out hope you figure out what you want to do, seems to be everyones quest these days, but just remember to focus on God and he will bring you through, see ya

    Noelle J


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