Good Books Still Exist. . .

Yesterday, I started reading a book that I've been wanting to read since the summer. I told myself I couldn't start on it until I finished 'The Dig'. Now that the chore is over, I can enjoy a most anticipated novel. It's one of John Grisham's older books (actually, I don't know when it was written but I'm assuming it's not too new), The King of Torts. I really enjoy John Grisham's writing style. This book is really shaping up to be a good read. I find myself sneaking in chapters every chance I get. I actually, think I'll go get a bit of reading in now before it's time to call it an evening. Book review should be soon since this one won't take a whole year.


  1. thats good that you've started reading a book you like, I've been reading the 3rd Harry Potter book since 2 years ago and I probably havn't opened it since the summer... but I think I'm just slow! lol anyway have a good one and enjoy



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