Leigh tried it in her blog. I tried using his e-mail address. At this very moment, I still don't know the whereabouts of one Mr. Martin Budd. I don't know if he ever checks this blog. I am beginning to wonder if he ever checks his e-mail. I'm sure many of a former LDPers have tried getting in contact with this man. I hear there are rumours that he is trapped down in a well somewhere. To my knowledge, the intnernet doesn't usually work so well in the bottom of wells. Possibly Austraulian wells work different then Canandian ones? Not that I've ever been trapped down in a Canadian well. Medeba has a well but if you claim to be trapped at the bottom of it then people will just mock you. They would have every right to since it doesn't have a drop and it isn't much of a well. My elementary school had a well too and it was the source of all our water -- it wasn't the traditional well. I wasn't planning on this blog being about wells. It's about Martin. How much many people miss him. So, if anyone reading this has been in contact with Martin or if Martin reads this than please give me a shout. Though I don't know if your voice will carry all the way to Haliburton or what the acoustics are like in your well. We miss you.

I realize this is one of those blogs that shunned probably half the people who read this things. 'Martin??? Wells??? They CANCELLED CHEERS????' To these people, I give my utmost apologies. Tomorrow's blog will be one that we can all play. Not than I even know what I will blog about. Or even if I will blog. Maybe I'll tell all about how funny it is to watch French people slide all over the icey camp. That is right, tomorrow Medeba will be home to the FRENCH!!! Not sure why I capitalized that.


  1. From yet another person who has tried to get a hold of Martin via email....WHERE ARE YOU??? IF ANYONE HEARS FROM HIM LET ME KNOW!!!!
    -katy h.

  2. I DID I DID I DID...well ok DAVE DID DAVE DID DAVE DID!!! He heard from Martin!!!! Check my blog to find out all about it. I'm considering fwding his e-mail to all the people who are wondering what's going on w/ him, or maybe just posting it on my blog, lol, k maybe not, but at least SOMEBODY has heard from THE MAN!


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