Movie Synopsis Bonanza

We're going to play a fun game. It's not as fun as Clue but slightly better than Barrel of Monkies. Here's the deal, I watch movies. That must come as a shock to some. I also like to type about lots of pointless stuff. For the next few minutes, I'm going to list a bunch of movies I've seen recently and than give a really quick opinion on said film. In reality, this isn't really a game at all. Not much different than any other blog I've done. Except this one may be more witty or less witty then previous posts. Only time can truly be the answer to that dillema.

So, here are the films:

Anchorman: I don't get the rave reviews. I don't understand the people that said this film was hilarious and brilliant. I can understand an 8 year old thinking it was comic genius. It had all the requisit potty humour to entertain any little boy for hours. I didn't laugh often but did make many glances at my watch. I think time stood still. The film felt longer than Return of the King except instead this time it decided to be awful. Though the homage to 'West Side Story' made me laugh and the Weather Guy had some really funny lines. There, I was able to pull out some positives.

Dodgeball: I like Ben Stiller. Ben Stiller makes movies that stifles laughter out of me. I remember "Meet The Parents' being one of his films that I didn't really find funny. Everyone else seemed to like it but I just didn't laugh very often. Maybe my expectation where too high and I should give 'Meet The Parents' another chance? You may be wondering why I'm talking about "Meet The Parents' and not about the film mentioned. If I'm spending all my time on another movie then it must be a sign as to what I think about this film. As it goes, 'Meet The Parents' isn't the only Stiller film I didn't like. This one, I don't plan on giving chance # 2.

Texas Chainsaw Masscare - Remake: A heard lots of bad things about this movie. If you hate slasher films than you will despise this movie. I sadly admit that I'm not a hater of slasher movies. I do admit that most slasher movies aren't even close to being good. Most slasher movies are horribly cheesey and more funny than scary. This is not one of those movies. I actually was freaked out while watching this film. I found it more disturbing than 'The Ring' which got rave reviews for being scary. I admit this film is full of cliches and the herione is still an idiot. Why does she keep on running into dark, disturbing, unknown buildings to flee the maniac? Run down the road with all the street lights!!!!! It's silly but I still got freaked out and this is all I asked.

Dawn of the Dead: This one was given to me on high recommendations. This was supposed to be the ultimate of scary/monster movies. It isn't. This movie has lots of cheese and lots of unintentional funny parts. The characters are dumber than the brianless zombies. Stupid, stupid, stupid movie. I almost felt myself becoming a zombie while watching it as my life drained away. Odd.

Life Aquatic: I keep finding myself wanting to call this film Aquatic Life. I do know one thing to call this film - very entertaining. Director Wes Anderson made himself another great movie. I think I enjoyed it even more than Rushmore and Royal Tennabaums. It has some really genuinely funny moments. The plot is very interesting and intriguing. As is key to all Anderson films, the characters are unique and engaging. A really great movie and it makes up for all the crap I had to watch above.

Shrek 2: I loved the first one. I mean, I would have married it if I could. It was such a fun movie. I was convinced that I would be disappionted with the second one. I mean, how could it live up to the greatness that was the orignal. Sequels never match up, right? Wrong. I really liked this movie. I might not want to marry it but movies never make good life partners anyway. I found it just as funny and enjoyable as the first. I just love how Shrek messes with popular Fairy Tales. Puss n Boots makes the movie.

Walking Tall: It stars the Rock who walks around with a 2X4. What was I expecting? It's not horrible but it didn't rock my world either. It sort of reminded me of Rambo except not like Rambo at all. I mean, it's a version of Rambo where he helps the town rather then blow it up. He does some damage to the town like kill all the crooked cops and destroys the Casino. The action in the movie was really cool. I enjoyed a film that didn't rely so heavily on silly effects to add to the fighting. I'll probably never bother seeing it again though.

Wow, I didn't do so well for watching movies that I liked. But Aquatic Life & Shrek 2 definitely did bring the good. I'm sure I watch some other movies too but the memory of them has taken a vacation. Oh wait. . . I saw Hellboy but I'm out of witty ways to say a movie was garbage. So yeah, here is proof that I seem to watch lousy movies. Plus side, the only film I paid money for was Life Aquatic. The rest I only paid by seeing my precious time turn to dust. Oh well, it beats doing stuf. Right?


  1. ya know, the best movie I've seen in the last couple of months is The Incredibles, AWESOME AWESOME movie, hilarious...and National Treasure wasn't bad either, although it is set in the US...but ya gotta get over that one k?...YA JUST DO!


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