Poker Phenomenon. . .

I like Uecker. I think it's a heck of a card game. I also don't mind a few hands of Uno even if that isn't considered a more cultured game of cards. I say this because when it comes to the world of cards, I sadly admit I know very little about it. I've played Go Fish and Crazy Eights in my life time but I admit they lose their appeal after you turn 12. I don't really know a vast amount of card games. I don't really play a lot of card games. I love Uecker but it really doesn't go much pass that.

At this time in the world, Poker is considered the hot game. I've had 3 School Groups come in this month and all three have had Poker as the game of choice for passing time. They bring their own chips and play it for hours on end. The word on the street, is that this new fascination of poker with the kids is a result of it being televised. Apparently, Poker is one of the big hits on cable. I don't get it. I admit, I don't know squat about Poker but I don't understand the appeal on cards on television. I haven't seen a single episode but I don't know why I would want to. It's cards! What type of excitement could that lead to television? Like I said before, I enjoy Uecker but I would never tune in to watch it. Why Poker???

Then again, I think I don't understand what makes good television. Reality TV is the hot thing of the day. As my reader's should know, Reality TV could be better labelled as Crap TV for all I care. I don't watch it and I have no desire to start. Maybe Poker is just another proof that I'm really not in touch with what is hip.


  1. I DID IT!! i read all of december and January.. don't ask me if i processed it all beacause... well i didn't......anyawys moving on. AWESOME seeing you again! and yah .. where is martin these days?


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