A Salute To Friends. . .

Today was one of those days that was just really amazing. A day where I can say to myself, 'That was a mighty fine day and a day that I wouldn't mind repeating.' The reason for a day that is being so highly regarded? It was a day that I got to spend with friends that I rarely ever get to see. Friends that I'll probably see even less in the coming years considering where their lives seem to be heading. Today was a really good day and I have them to thank. It was a day of laughing, chatting, skiing, falling and tubing. How could it not be a good day with those elements? Today, I would like to thank Molly and Katy for providing such a fantastic day of fun and joy. It was so great to see you girls again. To all my other friends, you guys are also such a blessing to me. So many of you, I rarely get to see anymore but are so integral to who I am. I won't name any names because of fear of leaving somebody out unintentionally. I will just thank you all and hope you realize that it is YOU that I appreciate so very much. Friends are such an amazing thing.


  1. yes, great friends DO exist, and you're one of them. thanks spicer. wow, that sorta sounded like a greeting card huh? Maybe I should start a business!!! Maybe they'll be called "greetings from the south"...HEY i LIKE THAT!!

  2. I enjoyed it immensely. However, my body wasn't so thankful for the tubing. It was worth it. Someday we will have our little chats....



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