Shill This. . .

If I ever become a celebritry and have hounds of sponsorship deals knocking on my door, I know the two products I would endorse without any guilt on my soul, Miss Vickie's Jalapeno & Sprite Remix. These two items, have to be two of the most addictive junk food products. Jalapeno has just the right amount of hot in the chip. I've always been a big fan of the hotter or spicier chips like Barbecue or Tex Mex. I think, Miss Vicki Jalapeno may have the crown for the tastiest of the hotter chips. Does that chip ever pack a punch! As for Sprite Remix, it is the flavour king of all pops. It's the perfect pop to guzzle down after one too many Jalapeno chips. It has a great tropical fruit flavour and it sort of reminds me of Skittles(which would be the sugar candy I'd endorse). It's probably the best spin-off pop out there. Spin-off = a classic pop flavour that has some twist added to it like Vanilla Coke or Tropical 7 Up.

Both endorsements would make me a fat man but a fat man with lots of money. Lots of money to buy those two great snack foods for movie nights and chess club. I realize absolutely nobody cared about what products I would endorse but useless, trivial knowledge is what you risk here at my own blog. Use this knowledge for good, folks!