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There are a lot of Christian web sites out there. I'll admit that I browse almost none of them. There is a lot of Christian literature out there but once again, I peruse very little of it. There is some good stuff out there and I will not deny that. So much of it, I find rather dull and pointless. I feel I get a lot more out of reading the Bible straight and don't need to hear the thoughts of some overly conservative Christian. Christianity can be accused of being extremly conservative and at times, very much out of touch. As a Christian, I don't ever want to be known as someone who is trapped in a bubble (besides West Guilford) and not being relevant to the world around me. The key word here is relevant.

There is a Christian magazine that goes by the name Relevant Magazine. I've never actually read the magazine once in my life. A friend of mine, directed me to the website a long time ago. I have to admit, I can find myself spending hours checking out the many articles. The key here is, it is a Christian site that tends to be very relevent. The website has articles on various issues and deals with many hot topics. It has great stuff on spirituality, God, and life. The cool part, it also has movie, book and music reviews. It doesn't just cover Christian culture. It makes sure to address all forms on media and culture in the world. It is probably the only Christian website to openly criticize and review all forms on entertainment in current culture.

This website is exactly what it claims. It is relevent. I encourage you all to give it a hit.


  1. Good Magazine, good website....must have been a good friend to recommend such good reading.

  2. Anonymous4:10 pm

    another really good site is ...i dig it...ooooh snap...right in the cratch


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