Worst Winter Ever. . .

You ever notice how every year seems to contain the worst winter ever? You hear the cries of 'This is the most snow I've seen dumped'; or 'I don't remember when we ever had a blizzard this awful'; or 'This has to be the most car accidents in the winter in a long time.' Either people's memories get erased from year to year or each winter is so catastrophic that it completely wipes out the previous winter.

The older people will regale you with tales of how we haven't had a winter this bad since 1953! But how can that be, since last year it was apparently the first awful winter since 1937? Each winter seems to be approaching Armageddon proportions. We are talking about the end of the world. Yet somehow, a year later it was all sunshine and candy because this winter is the real dinger. At least, we don't have to hike up a mountain to school and then have to hike back up a mountain to get home. How was it that it was always uphill no matter where you went? But these winters, now that is the real mystery.

People make me laugh. Winters make me cold.