You Love Me! You Really Love Me!

When I noticed that I had three replies under my 'Karma' post, I naturally assumed it would be people telling me to quit whining or laugh at me getting my comunppance. It was neither. You guys showed pity on my soul and even gave tips on how to cure this ailment. I have to say that you guys do indeed rock!!!

You know who else rocks? Joanne the Head Cook at Medeba. She saw my not so pretty hands and instantly got me some lotion to put on them. Sadly, it actually made them sting more but it was a nice thought. She did give me an inside tip on what type of cream I should buy in order to clean up this mess of pain. She also thinks that the crack, blood, red hands could be a result of all the bleach I use and the fact I tend to a fire a lot. Bleach and heat apparently aren't the hands friends. Who would have known?

Anyway, I'm just thanking the people who took the time to help out a man who now can't pursue a career in hand modelling.


  1. well, you've done it! My Mom and older sister Shannon are now addicted to your blog! Not that that's a HUGE achievement, but hey, what can I say, they have extra time on their hands. Love ya!


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