Let's Make A Deal. . .

Cheap people are a bigger pain then inserting 7 rusty nails into your eye. Cheap people who don't realize the value of a product are more agonizing then putting a drill into your ear. Painful imagery? Good. Maybe it gets my point across. I've decided that I'm not a big fan or supporter of the cheapster who tries to wheel and deal himself a better price. I'd say I despise that little tactic.

Do I sound bitter? I probably have a slight pinch of it at the moment. I've had this customer. This person I've been dealing with since the day I took this job. They want to come here for an entire week. A very expensive ordeal. It could possibly allow Medeba make some nice cash. This cash might not be worth the headaches this person seems to be intent on causing. They won't go away. They won't stop trying to make the price cheaper and cheaper. They don't seem to accept that we offer a package deal. A very reasonable package deal. It isn't really supposed to be negotiated for 5 months.

The most frustrating part is they seem to overestimate their worth. They threatened me they would back out if I don't lower my price. Yet the week they want to be here is a very popular week. A week that I have at least 4 groups that want to slip into that spot. I won't have any problem trying to fill it. Right now, I'd really like to fill it with another one of these groups. Though I hear doing something out of spite isn't a very mature thing. Ever since 24 years old, I've been on this whole trying to be mature kick. Zany, I know.

I never knew this was a pet peeve of mine. After this job, I'm definitely not a part of the 'try to get a cheaper price from a much more valued product' fan club. If anything, I would love to dissolve the membership. Wipe them right out. Then make them join a new club. A club where I would make them pay through the nose in membership fees.

Do you think this group hit a hot button?


  1. I completely agree w/ Purple Terry. I think that telling them they have so long to decide FOR SURE on if they are going to come, for the price stated (and over stated), then you're are going to fill it w/ someone who would like very much. I think that is mature, and not vengeful, and generally good business.


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