Population: Lonely. . .

The LDP are on a trip to the Adirondaks. Scott is off on an adventure of snow, boards and bruises. I'm still at Medeba. Boy, is Medeba ever a big place when you're the only one on property. Being someone with a hyperactive imagination, it can be quite the spooky place too. I'll be locking the door before I sneak into bed tonight. I'm pretty sure I've heard the wind call my name at least 2 times now. On the third, I will start to board up the windows. Anyone who knows me will understand that I'm not the biggest fan of being completely on my own. There is the goblins and orcs that I need to fend off but that isn't even the main concern. I get lonely. There isn't much lonelier then an empty camp. On the plus side, I can get some long overdue introvert time in. I'll read books. Scrub that bathtub that seems to be forming a colony. Get back into the groove of writing again. Maybe watch the commentary of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure because you know it will be chock full of useful knowlegde. Or maybe I'll just crawl into a ball and cry until everyone comes home next weekend.


  1. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Hang in there fella. You will have some snuggly friends with you in a couple weeks! They're fairly sexy. Although, one of them is married.
    Tee hee!

  2. hmmm....i think you should work on your writing....say...umm...uhhh....belated b-day present?
    sorry, i couldn't help it.
    your not the only one home alone tonight...i think i'll blare the stero while i try to fall asleep.

  3. HOWDY FRIEND! I totally understand you dilema. Just leave all the lights on and play some music and jump around, it always helps me anyways, lol. I hate being alone, especially in the dark, but I just hug my lil old stuffed cow and leave a small light on. Night lights are good, even for big people :).

  4. Anonymous7:41 pm

    i can relate. i'm scared of the dark. the dark seems to allow too much room for my imagination to move, and i end up freaking myself out. loud music is good. books with loud music are good...even movies with loud music are good. doors locked, lights on, and an imaginary conversation with someone is always helpful.


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