Purpose of Blogging: A blog about blogs. . .

Sounds riveting doesn't it? After a long weekend and a late Sunday evening that is quickly becoming an early Monday morning, I'm not ready to shake the very foundations of this Earth with a blog that will reveal all the meanings of life. Instead, I'll be really self focused and be reflective about this little blog of mine. I started this blog last May. I only had discovered the art of blogging a few weeks before that. It instantly sounded like a really great idea. I enjoy ranting. I enjoy writing. I enjoy being the centre of attention. What was the downside again? I quickly jumped on the blogging bandwagon with dreams of being the most read website in the entire unvierse. I've got about 14 daily hits which has to get me in the running, right? I'll admit since May I have been quite the sporadic blogger. I didn't post a single thing in the months of July or August. Since that time, I'll easily go about 2 weeks without anything new to read. Despite all that, I have enjoyed it. I hope you all have enjoyed this just as much, too.

I was thinking today, why do I blog? Do I blog for my entertainment and enjoyment? Do I blog for the entertainment of others and to gain a large readership? I'd like a large readership. Once again, that is due to the fact I tend to like being the focus of others. Do I blog with the intent of gaining a mass horde of mindless zombies who hold their breath until my next post? Uh, that was a sort of spooky image thus I'll not delve too much into that topic of choice. The question remains, do I blog for me or do I blog for others?

I was thinking about this question because it ends up pertaining to what topics I choose to blog about. There are several things that I enjoy that I know my regular readers couldn't give a single hoot towards. Though I don't know why the reader was hooting to begin with unless I have a readership following consisting of owls. I do know that I could blog about things that would alienate half the readership if not even more. Many of my hobbies don't interest the majority of you. I could regurally blog on professional wrestling, adventure games, Star Wars, and moldy cheese. All things that I know much about and am very interested in. Well except maybe the moldy cheese which I'll leave for Scott when he gets back from vacation. The point is the same, do I write about things that maybe no one will care about because I enjoy them very muchly? Do I only approach topics that I know will strike a chord with my audience? Or is my audience such that will read almost anything because it just happens to be from me?

In the end, this is MY blog. I've decided that is who I will cater to. As selfish and self centre as that may sound. It's not like I'm offering a paid service here. I'm not writing a specialty magazine. I'm just ranting and raving on my little piece of the world wide web. I enjoy it. I hope you all enjoy it too.


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