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Quotes of a Single. . .

Here are some quotes that you may hear uttered out of someone who has been single for a long while.

'Do I date? As in the calendar or the fruit?'

'Hmmm, she has to be available for a chat tonight. Do you need to wash your hair 7 days in a row???'

'This invitation tells me to bring a date. I wonder if Scott is free that night.'

'This is the tenth time I've watched Star Wars this week!!!! My life rules!'

'She turned me down! Even after I showed her my fungi collection! Picky!'

'Once I become a level 9 magic user, the babes will be flocking my way!'

'Showering just takes up time.'

'Argh! That be my gold you be a looking at! Argh!'

'Napoleon Dynamite ROCKS!'

Oh wait, that last one isn't what a single person would say. The last one would be the words of a person with a really awful taste in cinema. Sorry about the mix up there.


  1. Chris,
    I am writing to say:
    Please for the sake of Molly. Stop bashing Napoleon Dynamite. She's a sweet lovely girl who doesn't deserve to be baited like this.
    Besides we all know that no one could even know that Napoleon Dynamite is the worst video ever.
    p.s. I once dated a guy with a magic level of 10. It worked for him. Oh, I also dated another guy obsessed with Star Wars... oh wait, these are past boyfriends...guess they didn't work out. Chris, there is always the internet! I have some lovely ladies lined up for you for only 8 easy payments of 19.95 plus S&H.

  2. hahahahah!!!!!!!! Just wanted to you let you know that Dave and I were ROLLING LAUGHING as we read this blog...IT WAS GRET!!! (as Dave would say). And I didn't mind the comments about Napolean Dynamite, they made me laugh too, I've heard awful things about it, but of course Dave still wants to see it, guess he's in that "awful cinematic taste" realm.

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