Skipping Christmas: Alas, Ye 'nother Book Review. . .

Yeah, I've been AWOL for about 5 days. My only excuse is that when I wasn't looking after the mob of 120 then I was trying to get my much needed beauty sleep. It was work and sleep for a bit. If you're a really alert reader, you will notice I didn't have any blogging on that agenda. I now hope we are back to our regular scheduled programming for now.

I just finished up another John Grisham book today. This one didn't read as fast as 'King of Torts'. I'll openly admit that I didn't enjoy it as much as 'King of Torts' either. It's not even close to your typical John Grisham novel. This has nothing at all to do with law or criminal cases. Not even in the same ball park. It is an attempt by John Grisham to write a story that isn't under his typical niche. I have to say, that I apreciated the effort.

'Skipping Christmas' was made into a motion picture this year. It would be better known as 'Christmas with the Kranks'. I haven't seen the film and thus I can't say how true it stays to the book. I'll also say that I don't have any desire to see the movie but that has nothing to do with the book. More has to do with not really liking Tim Allen and thinking the preview made the film look awful. Besides, we all know that 'Christmas Story' is the ultimate of all Christmas movies (well, except Leigh who claims to hate the film).

The basic premise is that Luther and Nora Krank will be spending their first Christmas without their lovely daughter, Blair. Blair left for the year on a trip to Peru to help the needy. Luther decides he is tired of Christmas and all the grief that it brings. He wants to skip Christmas and everything that goes along with the holiday. With all the money that will be saved, it will be used for a 10 day Caribbean cruise. Thus that is the main plot of the story. The Krank desperately try to get through the holidays without doing anything that is Christmasy. As luck would have, they seem to live in a town that is very Christmas focused. They live in a street that is a very tight group and they all really love Christmas. It ends up being quite the challenge.

Like I said before, this is very much unlike any other book Grisham has written. It isn't his usual style of story. You can tell it is Grisham. It is his writing style. In my opinion, he is still the master story teller. The premise seems to be something that would be better suited for a short story. Somehow, Grisham is able to stretch it out to an entire novel. It works. At no point, did the story ever drag. The novel ends up being quite the heartwarming and uplifting tale. Despite it's title, it ends up being a book that makes you appreicate Christmas, family, friends and unity.

I didn't love book. It deifnitely wasn't a 'can't put it down' tale. It was good for what it was. It was a light and enjoyable tale. A fairly strong attempt at a story that isn't typical Grisham. At the same time, I prefer most of his other books. If you're in the mood for a nice Christmas story then be sure to pick it up. In a dreary month like February, why not read about a happy time like Christmas. Unless you're a Krank and you really rather skip that holiday.