Spreading Like The Plague. . .

Actually, I don't think the plague is a wide sweeping problem in these parts. If it is, then people seem to be handling it fairly well. Wasn't the plague carried by rats? Trusty camp cat Mouser is definitely taking care of any pest problem or at least, her brand new physique would make me believe she is handling it. Believe it or not, I'm not writing to you today to address any non-existent plague. I'm here to mention the massive popping up of blogs lately. How everyone and their mother seems to have one. How every person seems to start their blog with, 'I never planned on starting one of these but. . . ' Usuaully, they don't ever post again. Nice try though but I guess, I now know why you weren't ever to start one.

BUT. . . there are a lot of really great blogs out there. I have many friends who have postings that I often find myself looking forward to. I enjoy blogging. I really enjoy reading others blogs. Especially since many of my friends are cursed with the ever 'not good e-mailing' disease. It is my way of keeping up to date with them. I like that.

Despite what you may have thought, my full intent of this post if to find out about possible blogs I am unaware of. Are there any? What I mean is, blogs by people that I happen to know. I am sure that Aunt Ruthie in New Jersey has a blog that I am not aware of but I really don't need to read about her new Cow Curds Pie recipe. There you go, if I know you and I have never posted on your blog then it is probably because I'm unaware of it. Make me aware. You'll have yourself another reader.