The streak is broken. . .

All great streaks most come to an end. A sports team can't stay undefeated forever. A Director can't keep on churning out Oscar winners. A pitcher can't strike them all out. A singer can't get a # 1 hit every single song. A television show can't always be the network bread winner. A Pirate can't always find that long lost loot. And a. . . you get the point yet? Is there a point? What do you mean by 'do you ever have a point?' Come on, some of my blogs have been outright stimulating. Right? Hey, I never said what they stimulated. Anyway, my almost month long blogging streak had come to an end. Friday night, the internet server was down and I was unable to blog. Close to 20 days of straight blogging came to a crashing halt. I'm sure none of you noticed or cared. Yes, I'm egotistical enough to do an entire blog about how I stopped blogging for 3 days. They can't all be winners. What do you mean they never are? Huh. Tough crowd.

Tomorrow, I promise to post a much better blog unless it ends up being way too late thus forcing me to be way too tired. Right now, I will start the shilling because that's what I do best. In the next few days I promise the much anticipated reviews of John Grisham's 'King of Torts' (read in almost a week) and the film everyone recommended me to see, Napolean Dynamite. I'll say this, one of them I really enjoyed and the other may have killed some of my brain cells. I can just smell the anticipation and excitement. Or maybe that's my new deodorant. At least it works.


  1. I was wondering what happened to the new spicer who posted every day.


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