Exorcist: The Beginning - A Movie Review

The fact that I've watched this movie might ruffle a few feathers of some of my readers. It is a movie about demon possession. I know, that some of you would choose to never watch this film or any film that resembles this. I respect that. I did watch this movie and I also watched the original. Yes, I am a Christian. I absolutely love God and want to follow Him for every day of my life. I don't think that watching movies like this changes that in anyway. But this blog isn't about my need to defend my faith, beliefs or morals. It's about a movie. I'll save the ongoing Conservative Christian v. Liberal Christian debate for another very spirited and feather ruffling blog (though be warned, I will hold off from doing that blog as long as I'm possibly allowed since it'll actually take thought and work).

I loved the first Exorcist. It is possibly one of the scariest horror movies I've ever seen. Probably because demon possesion is something that is real. It wasn't about giant, toxic ants or mutants from planet Zombinia. It was about a little girl that was possesesed by a demon and a priest's battle to exorcise the demon in the poor child. It was absolutely chilling. One of my all time favourite movies though I usually go to bed with a night light on after watching it.

Unfortunately, Exorcist had two sequels that where absolutely horrid. The plot was inane and unbelievable. The films were a chore to sit through. Worst of all, they weren't even in the ball park of scary. Basically, the sequels took a big fart in the face of the franchise.

So, I went into watching this film with lowered expectations. I wasn't expecting anything very good. I definitely didn't give it a chance to measure up to the amazing orignal. Now that I've spent my 2 hours watching the film, I would say it definitely didn't blow any stinky wind but it also couldn't find the ballpark. The prequel to Exorcist, still just isn't able to compare to the true film of scary.

This movie is based before the orignal film. It is about a priest turned archeologist who is sent to a country in Africa to examine a dig. Since the movie is called Exorcist, the dig seems to have some unwanted possesssion thrown in. The former priest, finds himself needing to turn back to God to combat this problem. During the priest's journey, he uncovers many dark secrets about this particular ground.

The film is pretty busy. A lot seems to be happening. It tries to have a fair share of twists and turns. Some of the twist, like many movies, are fairly illogical. If you step back for one minute, you realize what just happend contradicts the story. The movie tries to be a scary film that keeps your brain busy. I find it keep your brain so busy that you don't really have time to ever be scared. It has has so many useless sub plots that never really pay off. Though, I did enjoy the sub plot of how the protagnist lost his faith in God during his time in Nazi Germany. Then, during this evil time the priest needs to reexamine his faith and try to get right with God.

The just mentioned subplot, reminds me of another point. The power of God is shown in this film. The film does show God as the almighty. If you trust Him, then you will be able to prevail. Say what you will about this movie, it does paint God in a positive light. Though, if you hate horror movies or especially R rated movies then I still don't recommmend you watch it.

Back to my analysis, this film has a lot happening througout it's 2 hours. The problem is, despite all the busyness it is still a fairly basic film. The main theme is the priest battling the exorcism. I think the movie wants to make you think there is more. It wants to be more then a simple horror film. In reality it isn't. I think, it's attempt makes it weaker. I didn't find much of a point for most of the sub plots. I just felt it congested the film and messed up the pacing of the movie.

When it comes down to it, it really isn't a very scary movie. A proof of that, I didn't even have any nightmares from the film. Instead, I had a dream about my friend Tim honking at KFCs and yelling 'Honk for Bueller!' Don't ask. While your at it, don't bother renting this movie. Save your cash, go treat yourself to the truly superior orignal. Though, for the conservative, you have been warned.


  1. i always promised myself i'd never see the Exorcist...that includes any of the sequels/prequels. This isn't because I think they're wrong to watch...it is because if i watched that movie, i would never sleep again, and Dave would have to get me a babysitter everytime he left after we're married. I'm still haunted by the first Scream movie, as you can tell, I don't do scary movies!


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