The Internet Is A Meanie. . .

You ever have that really big kid that runs over to you and kicks sand into your balogna & cheese sandwich?

Or how about that dog that growls in your direction and makes you pee your pants thus ruining your suave attire for your hot date?

Or how about squirrels that dart towards your bare feet in attempt to feast on them thus making you cower in a corner never being able to look at the world innocently again?

Or a witch doctor that puts a hex on you forcing you to squack like a chicken and thus, ruining your chances at winning the local Speeches For Skittle contest at your armoury?

All these things are mean. They ruin your day. They spit on your glorious moment. They hide your sunshine. You want to know who is the ultimate meanie?

You already know because I decided to give it away in the subject header. How anitclimatic. But for the last few days, my internet has decided to 'disconnect' at the most inconvenient of time. Like when I'm sending an e-mail. Or typing up a really killer blog. So yeah, I wrote a really deep and insightful blog yesterday. You'll never be able to read it. Because the meanie we know as the internet decided it cannot be shared with the public.


Ignore the fact that I could always retype it if I really wanted to. I won't. Because the moment was then and now is not then. Catch that? I hope to confuse you so you won't bother me about posting it again.

On a totally unrelated note, the church that is up this weekend has done something that is very not mean. Many of the kids up this weekend are from low income homes. They usually wouldn't be able to afford to come here. The elders of the church have decided to sponsor many of these teenagers. So now, they are able to have an experience they would never normally have. Now that is a very unmean thing. I am very impressed.

Internet is still a punk.


  1. I share your feelings much of the time chris. However, last night was the time I loved technology...I was able to send an email message to my Dad asking him a question and in a matter of 2 minutes he had sent me the answer. LOVE IT!

    And I didn't get sidetracked I want that other blog too!


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