Not Making A Bundle Of Money. . .

Medeba has another group in. A group of 2 people. That is not a typo. We only have 2 guests in. I also don't plan on charging them the $99.00 per guest plus 10% tax. Yes, this sounds like a horrible business move. I also understand that 2 people is way under the 25 group minimum that we have. 23 people to be exact. I don't care. I'm a rebel. Plus they just so happen to be 2 really good friends of mine. They are visiting me. Just for the record, I am not planning on continuing to book youth groups of 2 people. Nor do I think that a youth group of 2 should really plan a lot of spiritual retreats. I do encourage you all, to find a way to come and visit me.

To Tim & Dave, thank you for a really amazing visit. I look forward to a Thursday of playing and laughing!!! You are the greatest friends a guy could ask for. I'm truly blessed to know you both.

Enough sappy stuff. I'm going to stop this blogging and go back to the playing!