This one is for D Tone. . .

It's the day a whole bunch of people remember they have Irish Ancestory so that they can get plastered. Usually, plastered on really awful and tacky green beer. It also used to be the time that McDonald's offered up those green, shamrock shakes. Though, in all my years I don't think I ever enjoyed a McD's green shake. It's also the time of year we all throw rocks at small people in green suits. We will get their gold. That is right, it is St. Patrick's Day!!!

To my dear friend Dave Nelson, I wish you an extra special St. Patrick's Day. This is your day, buddy. All the rest of us are in it for the pot of gold and 4 leaf clovers. Though in West G, there isn't any signs of the colour green except maybe the snot running from our noses. With that thought, everyone enjoy this day which is good enough to get loads of people sloshed but not enough of a special day to warrant me getting a Stat holiday. Rats! So, much for the luck of the Irish. I knew, I should have kidnapped Dave and stored him in my closet. Then I'd have his luck and his gold. Instead, I had to work and uh, not have gold??? Next year, I'll set a trap and catch me a small, Irish man (aka Dave). I hear, Lucky Charms is a great lure.

Hmmm, wasn't this post supposed to be a well wish to Dave? Maybe you should all ignore the whole thing about kidnapping. Let's try this again, Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone but especially to the true Irish Icon Dave 'The D Tone' Nelson.