You Do It. . .

Delegation. I once thought it was a sign of weakness or laziness. Why get someone else to do something that I can do? Even if it takes 45 straight hours to plan the 'St. Monica Pretty Boy Bedazzler Ball', I will do it by myself because I am fully capable. Why ask for help? Why get other people to do parts of the job? They will only mess it up. Then I'll have to do the whole things anyway. Ha, delegation is for the simple minded weaklings of this world.

I was an idiot. One of the major things I have learned over these last several years is that a true leader is able to delegate. That doesn't mean he gets Pancho to mow his lawn while he sips on Strawberry Malties (not that I even know what a Maltie is). There is times that getting everyone to do your work is a rather big sign that your lazy. If Lady Patricia gets here boyfriend Ollie to move her from room to room by piggy back then I will designate her the Queen of the lazies. But if Mitchum B. Mitchner gets his secretary to file some papers so that he can finish the 'Mitchner Monthly' then he is being a smart man.

I wouldn't have been able to be alive today if I didn't delegate as program director. My current job, I'm learning it is okay to get someone to take on a few jobs for you. I actually don't need to have 47 jobs on the go at the same time. People are willing to take the load. What a concept!

I blogged about pride last spring. It looks like it is a little monster I still battle. I still think I can do it all on my own. Then I work myself sick. Which doesn't really sound like the most productive business strategy. Once again, I concede and admit my plans are flawed. And yes, sometimes it s a good plan to delegate off some tasks.

If I am willing to help others with their tasks then I must be willing to have them help me. It's a two way street of job passing. Besides, when will I have the chance to help other if I'm so busy doing my 47 jobs of vile and wretchedness. Yes Virginia, Chris knows you got to delegate in order to get things done. He also doesn't believe in Santa Clause so he isn't going to help you out there.

Just for the record, I refuse to be delegated on clipping your toe nails duty just so you can put full attention into the latest issue of ' Hermit Bowl Challenge.'