Chris Candito: You Will Be Missed

Last night, Chris Candito passed away at the age of 33 years old. I'm sure most of you don't know who exactly Chris Candito is. He was a very accomplished and entertaining professional wrestler. I was a rather big fan of his. He wasn't the largest of wrestlers and was actually under 6 feet. What he lacked in size he made up in with desire, talent and charisma. He was a man that was very passoinate about the industry of wrestling and he worked hard to excell at it.

Chris Candito was best known as Chris Candido (notice the 'd' replacing the 't') where he worked under that name in ECW and WCW (which were the rival promotions to WWF now WWE). He had a brief 2 year stint in WWF as Skip the Bodydonna. Basically, his gimmick was that he was a exercise instructor that mocked the fans for being out of shape. He would do lots of push ups and jumping jacks in the ring to mock his foe. The gimmick was stupid but he was able to put on really good matches. Plus as I said before, he had a charisma that was able to still make the lame gimmick work. He also had his girlfriend, Tammy Fytch who played the role of Sunny. Unfortunately, I think Skip is more known for his lady friend then for his amazing talent.

Skip was underappreciated by the WWF and he eventually left the promotion for ECW. Where he dropped the dumb gimmick and became 'No Gimmick Needed' Chris Candido. He became a successful upper card performer. Now, a lot of wrestling fans may not think Candido was a big contributor to wrestling but he can lay claim to holding a title in all three of what used to be the big promotions (WCW & ECW are out of business now). He is a former WWF Tag Team champion, ECW Tag Team Champion and WCW Cruiserweight champion. He was almost always a very entertaining addition to a wrestling show.

Unfortunately, like many wrestlers, Candido and his girlfriend Tammy started to struggle with drugs in '99. Their life seemed to hit the rock bottom. Neither would be hired by the major companies anymore due to their struggles. Candido's last big shot was in 2000 in WCW where he was fired for a neck injury. Poor Candido really dropped farther in the gutter.

Then 18 months ago, Candido cleaned up his act and started to refocus on wrestling. He was honest about his past and focused on being his best again. He got his passion back for the business. Candido was hired by TNA (WWE's new wannabe rival but not near as big as WCW was). Where Candido seemed to be in the best shape of his life. He started to become a major contributor. Just recently, there was rumours that WWF was interested in rehiring him again. Candido had a chance to make it back to the big time.

I followed Candido for most of his career. I always really enjoyed his work. I remember really feeling sympathy when he had his struggle with drugs. I had always hoped he would turn around his life. He did. I couldn't have been more excited because he might finally have got the big shot he deserved.

This last Sunday, he seriously broke his ankle during a wrestling match. He then had emergency surgery the next day. Candido seemed to be in high spirits and confident he would be back in action in 6 weeks. Unfortunately, there is rumours the surgery didn't go as well as hoped. Candido either got a blood clout or a staph infection. This may have been the cause of his death.

So, now Chris Candito (or Candido) is no longer here to entertain. I pass my dearest sympathies on to his family and friends. I was just a fan. They are suffering a much greater loss. I will still miss him.

This is another tragedy in the wrestling world. A place where wrestlers often die before they reach 40. It's a scary business. So many wrestling stars who pass away so much sooner then they should. I know so many wrestlers I watched growing up that are now passed on. So many guys who are probably only 10 years older then me that don't have any more days left.

I end this blog thanking the wrestler Chris Candido for the memories. Maybe I'll do a few jumping jacks in your honour before I sleep tonight. Bye Skip.

Chris Candido: 1972 - 2005


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