Escaping The Past

Fact: I wasn't a very good high school student.

Fact: I once wrote a poem about my feelings towards a girl rather then do a English Poetry Exam because I was bored with the exam.

Fact: I could be found at Tim Horton's more then I could be found at my Economics class.

Fact: I've been out of high school over 8 years!

Fact: People from my home town sometimes still think I am 18.

How do you escape your past? How does one get away from the impressions he/she imprinted in people's mind? How do you truly convince them that you've changed? Is this my problem? These my friends, are questions I've been wrestling with ever since I escaped the city of Branford. A place where I have lots of great memories and friends but also, a lot of people that like to remind me of my flaws. Flaws that I like to try to keep behind me where they belong.

It's a sign of the evilness of labelling someone and not let them deivate from that. Put someone in a box and expect them to always remain that mold. Yes, I am heaping on the cliches. I also realize that I am blessed with friends that do allow me to change. Do allow me to grow up and try to improve myself. In the end, I shouldn't really let the doubters dictate who I am.

What I should do, is really make sure I don't turn out to be a hypocrite. I don't convince myself that a person can never change. Or believe they will always have the same flaws. Rather realize that people can rise above adversity. They can learn from mistakes. I know that because I am not the same person I was at 18 years old. Though I may still be cursed with the same fashion sense but that is another a tale.