Happy Birthday, Now I Will Kill You

Don't worry, if it's your birthday, I don't really have any intention of hunting you down for sport and then ending your life in a diabolical manner. I'm not in a killiong mood today, honest. Instead, I've been thinking about how our Leadership Development Program students like to celebrate each others birthdays. The philisophy is that if it's your birthday then you are somehow going to get wet. Wet while you are fully dressed. It could be by varied means from snow, the pond, bathtub, pool, waterguns or toilet. It runs quite the gamut of ways to make sure the birthday person is dripping wet and maybe a little humilated.

Thus, this leads to my thought of the day. Not a deep thought. Not a profound thought. More of thought of pondering and confusion. Why is it on specific special days for a person do others have the desire to pull a prank? Where is this need to emberass a person? It doesn't end with the cold inducing LDP Birthday fun but it can be found in other 'special' days too. For example, a Bachelor Party doesn't seem to go down unless the groom-to-be is painted to be a complete fool. Maybe he'll have some extra form of cream on his face? Or missing one of his eyebrows? Though, being that I am not yet married, I probably shouldn't provide too much ammunition for said day. To all my married guy friends, remember that I was fairly kind on your big days. Well, other then the kidnapping and armm tying and the whole bag over the head. I didn't use burlap!

Why? Why the need to throw some sort of wicked initiation at parties for the guest of honour? Does turning 23 really need some big test to see if they are worthy? Is the married guy really in the need of a piano dropped on him? I'll go on record saying that I really don't get it. Other then, maybe there is some deep down bitterness by the others invovled that they aren't getting older? Or is it the belief that the person doesn't deserve to have too much fun on this day? Paint me confused because it baffles me. I'm not saying it isn't fun. I am saying, when I do get married please don't lock me into a lion's cage.