Random Thoughts of Randomness. . .

The perogies that have been hiding out in my freezer since I've moved in probably should have remained hiding.

A group always seems to be an absolute pleasure after a $20.00 tip.

Medeba needs more Men's retreats.

An Energon Tranformer isn't the same company as a real human.

I'm hoping an empty pop bottle and my wit will be enough to fend off the night trolls. They always like to visit when I'm alone.

Next 2 weeks, is a fantastic time for anyone who has a desire to visit.

I'm not the blogging iron man that I once was.

I'm already out of DVDs to watch with 13 more days of no company.

Messenger makes more sense, now.

I'm a procrastinator.

Taxes will be done tommorrow.

Um, not even sure if I am trying to make this witty or funny? Or just sort of typing things and hope I stumble upon some genius. Or I'm just typing things.

Probably just typing things.

Definition of irony: I spent 5 years desperately trying to get through and out of high school. I will now spend another 5 years trying to get back in.

For a big, manly man I've seen way too many girlie movies.

Wait! Why did you laugh when I called myself a manly man????

I may not be the definition of manly.

It is possible to absolutely hate somebody one night and to think he is the biggest jerk in the world; then, the next night realize he is so wonderful and talk to him on the phone for 3 hours.

3 hours would make for a hefty phone bill.

Don't worry, I wasn't the one who I was referring to in this scenerio. I don't talk to guys on the phone for 3 hours. I save those conversations for my mom. Uh. . . did I mention I was single?

Perfect porch drinking weather is wasted on not having a porch or living on an alchohol free property.

'Alchohol Free' doesn't mean I get drinks for free. Huh.

The most popular question to ask someone who you haven't seen in several years is, "Are you married yet?'

West Guilford doesn't boast a popular singles scene.

I'm choking on grape juice.

Actually, more like grape Kool -Aid.

I hope my tombstone doesn't read, 'A fool whose end was met by the cheapest of drinks.'

I think, I've seen every Julia Stiles movie out there. Not sure, I should admit to such a shame.

I actually, have to admit to liking one country song. Though I refuse to mention who it is by.

I think, I've allowed enough skeletons out of the closet for one blog.


  1. Anonymous2:36 am

    ..mmm..i think we could stand more skeletons in a future blog.

    for reals.


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