Sky Is The Limit

Here are occupations that I once had ambitions of pursuing. Please note, for most I was under the age of 10.

Cowboy: Not a rancher though. I wanted to ride horses, yes. But I also wanted to have shoot outs at high noon. I definitely wanted to wear the 10 gallon cowboy hat. Though, I don't think they actually held 10 gallons.

Astronaut: Though, not so much of the scientist variety. I would have much rather flown to Tatooine or Hoth. Probably would have rather flown the Millennium Falcon and have a Wookie as my co-pilot. If you didn't get any of these references then I'm shaking my head at you. Mainly because it's obvious I am a much bigger geek than you.

Indiana Jones: Once again, I definitely didn't want to be an archeologist or historian. More of someone that did uncover ancient remnants but I also had to be able to fight Nazis on the side. Though, I didn't really have too many of those on my neghbourhood block. Of course, I needed to do lots of running through jungles.

Clown: Though by age 6, they started to lose their appeal. Probably the nightmare of them wanting to tickle my toes didn't help that fact. Never been much of a fan of the tickling. Though for the record, I am hardly even ticklish. Ignore all who try to refute this.

Jedi: Unfortunately, I soon found out that the planet Earth doesn't seem to employ such a position. Probably why I wanted to be an astronaut.

Actor: This one was a desire for years and years. Mainly, because it seemed like you were being paid to play. The only unappealing part was that I had to follow another writer's script. I would have much rather made it up on the spot.

Writer/Journalist: Believe or not but the hyper little kid that 'never could sit still' actually did sometimes sit still. I usually was writing something during those odd times. To this day, my mommy has many notebooks of my writing as a kiddie. I sort of continued the writing until about. . . uh. . . now. I still sort of have a secret desire to actually make money from my lunacy (aka writings).

Anything Not Involved with School: Yes sir! Down with school. School is awful. No school for me. Keep me away from there. I never want to be part of school and its evil system. I was a horrid student who never put very much effort or desire into my work. Hand in assignments? Bah. Study for a test? Ha! Get good grades? Pish Posh. Who needs school!!!

My current career goal?


To be a high school teacher.

Yes, I know what irony is.