The Ultra Amazing One Word Reviews

The word on the street is that I am a very long winded fellow. My blogs can be really long. Today, I'm going to prove that I don't always have to be full of wind. I can be short and to the point. This blog is going to review a few books and films that I've enjoyed over the last month or so. But the catch is, I'm going to review each one by using only one word. Let the fun begin!

The Butterfly Effect: Twist-a-licious

Freddy vs. Jason: Brainless

Mean Girls: Why?

Diary of Bridget Jones: Sarcastical

Bleachers by John Grisham: Short

Deception Point by Dan Brown: triestoohardtobeunpredictabletothepointitspredictable

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen: Ashamed

You know what? I'm drawing a blank. I thought I had a lot more things to review. I blame it on being up way too early this morning and going to bed way too late. Oh well, at least I proved that I don't have to be long winded. Not that you can make sense of what I typed.


  1. i happen to think Mean Girls was hilarious...and so did Dave and just have bad THERE

  2. Sorry Leigh, I just thought Mean Girls was horribly overrated. The best part was ruined for me because you guys kept talking about it (the bus).


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