Wow, The Pasture Is Greener Over There!

A had a conversation with a friend (yes, I do have friends!) which was inspiration for today's blog'o'doom. The conversation was centred on two types of people. Both of these wonderful types have a little bit of lots of baggage heaped onto their back. They've been carrying that baggage around for a few years now and are finding themselves to be getting a might tired. They are getting so frustrated with the current baggage they have been lugging about that they secretly wish they could take the other person's problem. For whatever reason, the other person with the 500lb luggage seems to have got it better. Of course, both people are wrong and neither has it any easier. Both have them selves a nice heaping helping of unpleasant issues. It's an infamous case of the symbolic lawn always being greener on the other side of the equally symbolic fence. Have I used enough metephors, allusions and cliches yet? Good, now it's time to describe our two type of people.

Let's make the first one a boy. Let's call him Sven because that name makes me giggle. Plus it's really fun to say. Plus it looks like I've misspelled seven. Though I don't really know what good making you think I've misspelled seven does for this blog. Oh my boy, Sven. Anyway, Sven is an incredibly likeable fellow. He's got himself a solid heart of gold, a wicked cool sense of humour and he doesn't smell like raw salmon. I'd say that makes him quite the fellow. As with most non fish smelling folks, he does have himself a lot of good friends. He likes his friends and they just happen to like him back. What is the problem, you ask? Where is this wonderful man's poor issue? You see, Sven is frustrated with one little faucet of his life. He's got himself lots of friends but it seems 'friends' is the only relationship poor old Sven has got.

Now, friends aren't anything to sneeze at. Actually, I hear that sneezing at friends is a pretty good way to lose them. No one seems to like to catch colds anymore. Sven loves his friends and he is really appreciative of them. In Sven's mind, it seems whenever he wants to further a relationship with a female she would rather keep things exactly where they are. Friends. As this tale goes, Sven is really good at snagging the friends but not known to gain the elusive 'girlfriend.' In Sven's mind, he feels he may very well be doomed to wander the barren desert of loneliness for the rest of his life. As you can tell, Sven can be a little dramatic.

The issue arises because poor Sven believes that something must be inherently wrong with himself. His story goes like this: boy meets girls; boy and girl get to know each other really well; boy decides he would ever so like to date girls; boy decides it is time to 'woo' girl (isn't woo such a fun word???); alas, girls decides that things work much better as a friendship with boy. Boy cries and eats a bucket of peanut butter. Boy gets really sick because he's allergic to peanuts. Boy is rushed to hospital. Boy doesn't eat anymore peanut butter. By the way, boy is still Sven.

Poor Sven is now in self pity mode which is a horrible mode to be in. Sven decides it is his fault he doesn't have himself a wonderful women that wants to declare Sven is her boyfriend. That was an awful run-on sentence, eh? Sven starts to wonder what is inherently wrong with him. He starts to question, 'Do I actually really smell like raw dead salmon???? Do my looks shatter all the mirrors? Why oh why, am I so yucky!' Like I said, Sven is really dramatic. He also isn't so eloquent because he likes to use words like 'yucky'. Hey, he's a good guy and he really shouldn't believe these lies he's feeding himself. He definitely shouldn't think he'd rather be person type #2.

This person will be a girl. Her name will be Yvonne. You know, this is one of those names that I know exist but I never actually can pronounce it properly. It spells out to be a lovely name plus it seems to fit just nicely with my names spelled with a 'v' mottif. Anyway, as you guess our lovely Yvonne has some issues herself. Yvonne just happens to be a very beautiful girl, she is extremely friendly, she is blessed with the wit and she smells of lovely flowers. Yvonne is one swank little lady. Yet as this story goes, Yvonne doesn't think that is so true.

On a side note, this really turning out to be a long winded blog! I would love to blame it on not have been blogging for weeks and weeks but we are all know it's really because I'm full of wind. Anyway, Yvonne is getting frustrated that I'm ignoring her so let's put the attention back on her.

Yvonne has lots of friends too. Yvonne is quite the popular girl. Yet, as this story goes, Yvonne needs to have her slew of issues too. Her issue? She is able to date boys and not leave things at a friend level. To Sven, that would seem like a spit dandy of a deal, wouldn't it? Yvonne seems to go through boyfriends like the Cookie Monster goes through a bag of Chip Ahoy (I decided to avoid the fat kid through a box of Smarties analogy in order to not offend Smarties). It always seems that there is some drooling boy out there that wants to date her. It's not too hard for her to be able to get a boyfriend to escort her to the Semi-formal Spring Fling Thing Dance Groove Banquetfest. The problem arises, she doesn't ever seem to be able to have a boy as a friend. No space between boy and friend but always a boyfriend. She wonders why she can't have friends. Why can't a boy just enjoy her company? Is her personality one that isn't able to create a lasting friendship? Do guys only enjoy her company because her smell remind them of pretty meadow and she is all kinds of beautiful? Thus poor Yvonne has herself a heaping of the issues. She fears she can be seen as a possesion just like a X-Box except she doesn't need to be plugged into the wall. She wishes she could be a little more like Sven.

Thus the case of the pasture always be greener on the other side. Our poor protaganists feel there issues are worse then any other. They wish they could be somebody else or have a different personality. The dangerous little secret is that we all have issues. We all seem to have things that bother or plague us. The real factor is that Sven & Yvonne can't beat themselve up for their predicatment. They shouldn't believe that they are to blame or that something is completely wrong with them. There isn't.

I don't know how to get Sven a girlfriend. I'd be willing to try to be Yvonne's friend. I do know that neither should beat themselver up over their predicatment. I do know that things don't ever have to stay the same. Yvonne can find people who want to know the real her. Both these people are very valuable and wonderful creations. It isn't about trying to check out the neighbours lawn but rather, try to make the best of the lawn one already has.


  1. No, it was about Sven and Yvonne. Weren't you paying attention? :)


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