Bring On The Star Wars Hype!!!

It's coming folks. A little more then a week away and we will all have the opportunity for the ultimate movie experience. It's the final film in the most popular and classic space fantasy film series of all time. Ignore the fact there really isn't any others. But next Thursday, Star Wars Episode 3: The Revenge of the Sith is upon us. Even though the last two were slightly disappointing (I still liked them), I am in total geek out mode for the chance to see this movie. I'm giddier then a school girl right before her Prom where she is about to be picked up by Studly Dean Sporto. Oh Dean, you are so dreamy. Enough about Dean because it is all about the goodness that will be Star Wars!!!! Bring on the hype. Check out the official web site that has lots of fun stuff for the Star Wars geek in all of you. Click right. . .. here!


  1. Wow, when I said to release your hidden Jedi, I wasn't being all that serious...

  2. Anonymous7:54 pm

    YES...YES... Am looking forward to this flick, and have been for awhile now. Not many movie trailers give me goosebumps, this one did. A good sign that it ahould kicks some ass. The only question now is when to go see it. Shall I brave the opening night crowds? Or wait a few weeks and see it when its died down to a quiet roar. What to do...what to do.

  3. See--if I go opening night, and feel like chatting with my girl to make her giggle, I'm gonna be sussed by the costume-wearers. Ever been shushed by Chewbacca? I'm hopeful, I want to believe that it won't suck like a thousand leeches.

  4. ok so i'd love to be pumped but we're sitting on 2 stikes here...
    the record is not good so far...
    i am aware that the ones froms the 70's/80's were home runs but they were in a different innings or something
    ok i think the irish guy should stop the baseball analogy now....

  5. Anonymous12:13 am

    oh spicer..where can you be? did the sea of star wars fanatics swallow you up? did a minature anakin hit slice you in two with his light saber?


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