Happy Mother's Day

This post is dedicated to all the amazing women out there that have children. You cleaned our scrapes after we fell off our bikes. You wiped our noses when we let them run too far. You tucked us in at night and read us stories that encouraged us to dream and hope. You cooked us our favourite meal 3 nights in a row just because we kept on asking. You made sure we made it to swimming lessons even though they started at 6 in the morning on a Saturday. Our clothes were always clean because you made sure of that. Most of all, you loved us no matter how much of a brat we were. You probably did a lot of stuff when we were kids too.

This day is for the Mothers of the world. We all appreciate you very much. Even if most of us have a really lousy way of showing it. We love you. I especially love all my many mothers. I appreciate my camp moms who are Joanne Pyl and Pamela Bryant. And all my many adopted moms over the years. The kind ladies that looked after me just because they wanted to.

Most of all, I dedicate this blog to the absolutely wonderful and amazing lady that gave birth to me. The lady who has declared I am her favouritest oldest son. The outstanding women who has and always will love me. My first and favourite mom. Linda Spicer. Or better known to me as mum. I love you, Mum. I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful women in my life.