On This Special Episode Of Full House

I'm watching 'Full House' because I just can't get enough of it's riveting plot and complex character development. I mean, what inane thing will Uncle Joey grace us with this week with his comic genius! Or when will Michelle say 'You got it, dude' again? That stuff never gets old. Then you have the always unpredictable ending of the sappy music in the background and all of life's problems being solved in a nice 30 minute block. Oh Bob Saget, your wisdom truly saves us all.

But then, today's episode took a rare twist. Daddy Bob is about to tell DJ how much he loves her and it doesn't matter that Jockey Jim doesn't like her. And then, all of a sudden the house was attacked by ninjas! I was like 'When does that ever happen!?!' Yet there was a ninja kicking poor DJ right through a wall. Ninjas burning the shrine of Elvis that poor Uncle Jesse spent years creating. It was awful. These ninjas and the destructions they were causing. Daddy Saget couldn't do a thing because he was being hung by the fan by a pair of nunchucks. Who would rescue the Full House Gang?

The A-Team!!!!!

Wow, and I thought they were doomed to rerun form by that point. Yet there they were kicking the ever loving grease out of some nasty ninjas. I think, Kimmy Gibbler got in a few shots on the ninjas too. The ninjas retreated and the A-Team totally rocked it with the Full House family. Instead of the cheesy sappy music we ended with Hannibal saying, 'I love it when a plan comes together!'

What an odd episode of Full House.


  1. Anonymous10:40 pm

    I think I deserve a creative credit on tis blog. HA HA HA HA.

  2. Anonymous5:24 pm

    you are a special one!


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